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As a equal-opportunity staffing agency we are committed to connecting qualified candidates to stellar workforce opportunities for flexible remote employment.

we want you to get the freedom you deserve, we offer hourly rates to give you stability so you can create more memories at home.

we make it so easy for you to choose your own hours and work at your own pace, comfortably and professionally. Working as a remote agent will help you make yourself a priority.

We make sure that you have the skills you need to complete any task, we offer payment plans on equipment and weekly team meetings to connect for support - you don't have to work alone.

Who We Are

FIMO Staffing is the people’s choice for freelance remote work.


Submit your contact details in the job form below, you will receive an email with steps to register your job portal. Please follow the directions carefully to move forward in the hiring process.


Congrats, you are now a registered agent one step closer to your desired dream job. Inside your portal, you will find a basic personality assessment to qualify for upcoming jobs that can work around your schedule.


Prepare your quiet workspace and equipment to start training. Start dates, hours and pay-rates will vary, choose which works best for you and join our support groups to network.

Fimo Staffing Solutions can help you get there.

Who Is This For?

Self-motivated and independent people who have discipline, exceptional time management skills, and can balance their personal and professional lives without constant supervision.

Individuals who want to save time, energy, and money, eliminate daily commuting, and have the freedom and flexibility to allocate more time towards, family, personal pursuits, and ultimately their overall well-being. 

Introverts, who have excellent communication skills but require minimal contact and thrive in secluded and fast-paced environments. Those who set goals, and can stay focused on their tasks.

General Questions

We are led by a CEO, VP of Operation and Client Services and Development with 20+ years of management experience, we nurture relationships to sustain employment and provide healthy, supportive and equal performance based environments for all.

Yes, we are currently not serving areas outside of the United States.

Preferably, yes. however we offer leads daily for corporate remote positions that provide equipment. You must have a quiet place to work in at all times.

Please allow up to 8 hours to be processed in. Once you’re approved you will receive registration steps to set up your remote agent profile.

We can reached 11AM-8PM (M-F) via email: companyfimo@gmail.com, on facebook, instagram, or by phone: (908) 793-8899

We offer choose your own schedule jobs, and refer opportunities that work best for you. It is recommended to work a minimum of 5 hours a week to meet the contract requirements of each program.

Yes, as long as the schedules don’t align, you are free to earn, and choose when you want to work. Please note: you are not allowed to terminate more than 2 programs per year, and must meet the performance requirements to stay enrolled.

Our Company

where comfort meets opportunity.

Our expertise in remote staffing solutions and our team of dedicated support staff ensures that your transition to work from home customer service is as easy as possible.



Must be able to pass a background check, basic assessment and/or have an updated resume with relevant prior work history.

Working in office corporate duties elegant beautiful ambitious businesswoman sitting at desk with tablet making report writing back messages emptying email inbox corporate life, co-workers talking

Must be 18 years or older, be able to meet deadlines, demonstrate professionalism, reliability and have a strong work ethic. ​


Must be proficient in technology. All programs will require a solid understanding of how to navigate phone/email/chat softwares.


Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, able to interact with clients, employers, or team members.


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